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   Oyaka! Dye-dact era ero-me!

-Faster! Move as if the Didact himself were watching!

Jul 'Mdama! Ero Dye-dact kishu watakara aash imush.

-Jul 'Mdama! I did not expect the Didact's Hand so soon.

Infinite kushe dura gushe gu. Gek ,Ru-kiki.

-Infinity's arrival has advanced my schedule. Rise, Gek.

Eche mata, rute shibo.

-We are still preparing, Shipmaster- we still have yet to be able to activate the shrine.

Renju shuta key-ah eda.

-You are prepared now brother.

Art-ifac deda que.

-Bring the artifact's gift.

Ruke shite shina ruke act.

-He offers his knowledge in exchange for his life.

Ieshu mehe uhe-ga.

- I am willing to accept his offer...for a time.
The following is a conversation between Gek and Jul M'Dama in Spartan Ops Episode 3 "Catherine".

-Translated into English via Sangheili

a/n remember there are several layers and dialects to this language due to Sangheili having 4 jaws instead of 2.

All rights go to their respectable owners.
ec4370 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Pretty good translation.

I am still hopeing that their will be more words that will match up from the first terminal. But this is a good start.
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